Everything you don't know about Ciliegine earrings

Telling the story of our CILIEGINE (“cherries”) earrings means telling our own story, because these creations have been with Nanis for a very long time, but it’s more than that. In fact, this jewel has taught us how the destiny of any creation can be disconnected from its original idea and even from who created it, taking on a new life through those who choose and interpret it. Like a story that we thought we knew, but that a new narrator made us rediscover.


The inspiration

“It is one of the very first jewels that I felt the need to create”: it is something that Laura often says, speaking of her CILIEGINE. These earrings were born from the desire to create a jewel that could somehow consecrate the perhaps most iconic form of Nanis, that is the hand-engraved gold boule. A boule that slowly, with elegance, has found space in many jewels, rewriting their nature. Sinuous, round, light and elegant at the same time: a design that alone seems to tell the philosophy of the brand and a certain idea of ​​a woman, which for Laura "is without boundaries, has no rigid and defined perimeter, but on the contrary is a being that welcomes change, finding its strength and determination in sweetness". And it is precisely in this way, sweet and determined at the same time, that CILIEGINE have remained in the Nanis collections for years and years, representing a classic and timeless elegance.

The first models

The first versions made were in 18kt gold and diamonds, in the small, medium and large models. Ideal with our small Elite pendants, but also, why not, with the iconic IVY, our "gold pearl" necklace. Until then, CILIEGINE were the perfect completion of a very classic and bon ton look.

Two years ago Laura decided to give new life to these jewels by interpreting their design with some of her favorite natural stones in combination with gold and diamonds. This is how the CILIEGINE with milky aquamarine and black onyx boules were born: a wave of vitality has invested this jewel, which as a classic, began to wink at a more casual style, claiming its perfect combination with blue jeans and colorful clothes.


The Silvia Berri effect

And then… Silvia Berri arrived. We (virtually) met the Milanese journalist and manager in the middle of the pandemic and fell in love with her enthusiasm and refinement, but also with her free way of interpreting everything related to her style, not least the jewels! And when, at the beginning of our collaboration, we showed her our collections and asked which creations had impressed her the most, she had no doubts: CILIEGINE! It was love at first sight, which from a certain point of view surprised us, because we would not have associated this jewel with her.

But her free and unconventional eyes allowed her (and us as well) to look at these earrings in a totally new way. In fact, for her they are not classic, or rather they are more than that! And taking advantage of her multiple pierced ears she decided to dare, wearing various models together and playing with the different sizes! And not only from the CILIEGINE series, but also with other models, such as the LUCE or ELITE earrings. The result? An exquisitely contemporary look, almost rock, as she often likes to define it!


From that moment CILIEGINE have taken on a totally new connotation: free, classic and casual at the same time, capable of changing according to the style and the desire to experiment. Even Laura, the creator of this jewel, has undergone the "Berri effect" and now loves to mix the various models of CILIEGINE in gold and diamonds in an extremely casual way!

Looking back at the history of these earrings, we can't but smile at the freedom of works of art, which gracefully escape any universal definition and connotation, finding their authentic dimension in the intimacy of each of us. And the jewel, which is something we wear, that we always carry with us, on our skin, isn’t it just one of the most intimate works of art? It becomes part of ourselves and of our personal expression, which is different in each of us: this is its greatest freedom, this is what makes the same jewel always unique.

“And it's also the reason why I love my work”, says Laura, “because it's like freeing a part of yourself and giving it to the world, waiting to see which masterpiece it will be transformed into”.