Sunset for your Valentine

Pink is not only a color. It's an attitude. 
(Miley Cyrus)

Here's how Nanis' new rose gold collection can save us from the pitfalls that surround every Feb. 14

Anything is possible with sunlight and a little pink, and Sunset is the perfect epitome of that possibility.

Sunset is precisely the name of the latest idea of Nanis creator and designer Laura Bicego: a new collection in rose gold, delicate and feminine, that glows the face with the lightness of Nanis emphasized by the illuminating nuances of this gentle color.

Earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets with the refined style that distinguishes Nanis jewelry but in a new version.

The polished style born from the work of Nanis' masters joins the shades of this color in this collection presented in early 2023.

The Protector of Lovers

With the approach of February 14, the worldwide holiday of lovers, it is easy for pink to envelop us and for us to want to see the world through this color. But who was St. Valentine?

Valentine's Day is considered throughout the world to be the patron saint of epileptics, stomachache sufferers and lovers.

Anyone who has loved in their life can easily find common threads linking epilepsy, bellyaches and the famous "butterflies in the stomach" that affect those protected by the saint.

Pink, why not!

A color that matches every complexion and looks good with everything. Pink is the new black then? The answer is yes in the case of these jewels: they look just as good with an elegant style as with a pair of jeans in a casual version. And they also suit a woman who wants to take care of accessories but who wants to look less flashy.

This new collection reinterprets Laura Bicego's most iconic pieces through the hues and shades of this color, and in the shiny version. The Sunset collection is for Laura Bicego a new challenge and yet another creative project that aims to give every woman a voice in the world of jewelry.

So here are the inimitable "Ciliegine", the brand's most famous earrings, in this version take on both classic and youthful elegance.

The iconic "Ivy" necklace in rose gold boules and diamonds and the "Soffio" necklace in rose gold boules and diamonds are reinvented thanks to this shade, helping the wearer to see the world in a different light. And this is no accident: rosy is synonymous with favorable, auspicious and promising. And this is how Laura sees this time for every woman: optimistic.

Valentine's Day Sunset

Valentine's Day might be just the right occasion to be captivated by the Sunset collection.

Nanis' rose gold is perfect for our declarations of love: lines and colors that accompany without stealing the scene but enriching it, illuminating it, and emphasizing what you want to say and do.

Pink, an emotional color that makes thoughts kinder, softer and deeper. According to color therapy it conveys affection, love and protection, moves away from loneliness and is associated with selfless and true love.

Pink derives from red but is tempered by the purity of white and thus indicates romance, charm, beauty. A sweet, feminine tone that inspires sophistication and a hint of tenderness.

With the Sunset collection we can make the upcoming Valentine's Day more pink and rosy.