Sunset and its endless pink shades, born in that special in-between land where day and night meet, have inspired SUNSET, the Nanis collection in 18kt rose gold. Jewelry born from curiosity, from the love for gold of Laura Bicego, the company's creative soul, and from the desire to explore this material in all its aspects.

    Indeed, historically, the rose gold was born just like that: from experimentation. If the contamination is within the material, it is the same with our collection, which was created by listening different points of view but in harmony at the same time. As soon as she could again, Laura returned to travel and meet a lot of clients from all over the world. It was exactly during these moments made of exchange and encounter that she came up with the idea of interpreting some of our most iconic jewels in a different version: rose gold.

    A desire that has also become a challenge, an invitation to step out of the "comfort zone." Putting oneself to the test, exploring the new and experimenting have always been in Nanis' DNA. In this collection, iconic designs of the brand, which have always been made in hand-engraved yellow gold, are for the first time interpreted in this new gold shadow and in a polished version.

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