Dancing in the Rain ÉLITE


    Nature and women have always been among Laura's greatest inspirations. The organicity, sinuosity and balanced 'roundness' of Nature are in fact, for her, perfectly reflected in women, who are the most sensual and fascinating human beings. It is to this sinuosity that she has dedicated the most iconic of all Nanis' shapes: our boules, 18kt gold 'beads' hand-engraved using the ancient technique of the millerighe burin.

    This shape, so simple and pure, that might seem so 'easy' to make, hides an incredibly high level of craftsmanship. These boules are in fact made one by one and consist of two shells that are welded together and then placed in a special oven to harden. They are then connected to each other with small gold rings, with incredible precision and patience. Only after all these processes they are ready to be engraved by our craftsmen, making them as soft as silk.

    This very distinctive shape has been and still is the main character of some of our most distinctive jewels, such as IVYSoffio, the Ciliegine earrings and many other Nanis jewels, all sharing a sinuous and gentle elegance.

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