Gold ear cuffs


    The first type of ear cuff ever recorded in history, in 2000 BC, was called a “Kaffa”. Examples of the original Kaffa were found in burial sites during excavations that took place in the British Isles and since then have been worn by women of all cultures and all ages. But in their modern use it was during the post-war prosperity in America that ear cuffs were born. Marcel Boucher, the French jeweler who immigrated to New York in the early 1920s, met the demands of the elite women of America by creating the first ear cuffs. Stylish, offbeat and edgy are the buzzwords for this unique jewelry trend.

    Nanis ear cuffs are available in exquisite models characterized by engraved 18kt gold beads or colorful gemstones and are all handmade in Italy in our Vicenza atelier.

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