Silvia Berri wearing Nanis jewelry at Valerio Scanu and Luigi Calcara’s wedding

On Thursday, Sept. 7, in the Red Room of the Capitol in Rome (in Italian Campidoglio), Valerio Scanu, former singer of the popular Italian tv show “Amici”, married Luigi Calcara, a professor of electrical engineering.

The date chosen by the couple is particularly symbolic. It is the birthday of the singer's father, who passed away in 2020 due to covid.

A beautiful white tailcoat with a train for Scanu and a very elegant blue tight suit for Calcara: this is how the two beaming fiancés said their fateful yes.

Celebrating this union was a touched and very elegant Silvia Berri.

"Dear Valerio and Luigi, every moment of today belongs to you. It is meant, shaped by your feelings and nourished by your heart.": that’s how Silvia's deeply touching speech began, who was able to make the ceremony even more special with the warmth and enthusiasm that have always distinguished her. For this very important occasion, we thought together with Silvia of some of Nanis' most distinctive jewelry, as well as some limited-edition creations from our archives.

Adorning Silvia's neck, our "unusual pearls," as Laura likes to call them, in 18kt yellow and white gold, two necklaces that have made the history in Nanis. On her wrist, a pair of limited-edition band bracelets with a very refined finishing and a highly elaborate craftsmanship.

A touch of blue couldn’t be missed on Silvia’s tailored dress. Therefore, we went for our iconic Reverse rings with London Blue Topaz, sapphires and diamonds. Last but not least, the Ciliegine, our brand ambassador’s favorite earrings, in both 18kt gold and full brill models.