Kamogelo Mafokwane shines bright at Cannes Film Festival with Nanis jewelry

For this year’s edition of Cannes Film Festival, thanks to our precious collaboration with Elegance Jewelers, we had the incredible chance to partner with Kamogelo Mafokwane, South African luxury lifestyle content creator and creative director, founder of design and decor firm NAIA Décor and brand ambassador of South Africa for IWC Schaffhausen and global friend of the brand of Moët & Chandon.

Kamo, who studied creative direction in London, is an authentic voice in the world of digital fashion and beauty content creation, a globally-informed style influencer, reaching audiences in fresh new ways to epitomize 21st-century entrepreneurship. 

We asked Kamo to tell us more her experience, from the atmosphere she breathed at the Festival up to everything about her look and, of course, her jewelry!

How would you describe the experience of participating in the Cannes Film Festival?

In a word, incredible. Truly one of the most inspiring events in the world I have attended. The most heartfelt moving movie screenings I've watched that has left me feeling amazed and truly inspired by talent in the world of cinematography. It truly felt like a movie. 

How did you decide on your look?

I wanted to look very elegant, with an inspirational reference to 1950s hair. I was styled by Lia Ningiza, who describes this look as elegant chic. We went the route of Hollywood glam very elegant, timeless, yet fun and fresh which sets the perfect tone for Cannes.

Why did you choose Nanis?

I first saw Laura wearing Nanis in Switzerland and it was one of the first things I complimented her on, the beautiful jewelry. For me personally, it was not only about how beautiful the jewelry pieces are and how Laura wore them but it was also about the inspiring, kind-hearted, empowering woman she is that really inspired me about the brand. Nanis’ values and craftsmanship are truly what appealed to me to choose Nanis. 

Which jewelry did you choose to wear and why?

I chose to wear the “Ciliegine” earrings because I like stacking earrings! It is such a unique way to wear jewelry and I love it. The pieces truly complimented one another so well. I also loved the rings and stacking them for a bolder look, they are so comfortable to wear and effortlessly beautiful. 

How was the atmosphere at the Festival?

The atmosphere was inspiring, it was celebratory and cheerful. Everyone that was there was enthused by the films and the world of cinematography.

What movies did you see?

I saw the South African film 'Sarafina' by Anant Singh and the French film, 'ACIDE' by Just Philippot. 

Which was the most emotional moment?

Seeing the actors happy and everyone applauding the cast, director and film producer on such incredible films was an emotional moment for me. Being able to be present in such a moment was truly inspirational.