Stones and stars: Nanis' horoscope

Did you know that for every zodiac sign it is associated a wonderful natural stone able to bring positive effects to whom who wear it? The ones considered most beneficial, are usually the stones characterized by a range of colors and shades reminiscent of the Planet ruler of the Sign. From the fusion among Italian craftmanship, crystal therapy and astrology, today we would like to tell you about the anecdotes that link natural stones and their properties to each zodiac sign of the horoscope. Are you ready?


The first zodiac sign that we meet is Aries: vital, energetic, with a very strong character, and sometimes even irrational. A fire sign stimulated by Mars, Pluto and the Sun. Aries is associated to stones with red shades, especially to the ruby that stimulates Aries’s combative nature by increasing even more the energy already in its character. At the same time, this protective stone with this intense red color contributes to decrease stress for those born under this sign. The Nanis collection that consecrates ruby is Reverse, dedicated to the elegance of colors and an idea of luxurious versatility. These jewels alternate a fascinating ruby to a pave of black, grey and ice diamonds. Discover the jewel that best suits you among the earringsringsbracelets, and necklaces of this iconic collection, that is perfect to give off the most determined side of your character.

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Taurus is a sign characterized by a strong sense of stability, goodness, justice, and loyalty, although it could be sometimes very stubborn. Taurus is an earth sign whose energy field is influenced by the two planets of Venus and Jupiter. In crystal therapy it is associated to all the stones with green shades, the main color of nature and Venus, able to give balance and stimulate love and understanding.

There are three Nanis collections in which this color is the real protagonist: Dancing TourmalinesAmulets Amazonia and, one more time, Reverse. Explore the magnificent shades of tourmaline, one of the most fascinating stone that Nature offers us and that we have chosen to give life to elegant and casual jewels at the same time, like these rings (available in the smallmedium and large versions), these stud earrings or this delicate necklace.

A different shade, more organic, instead distinguishes the green aventurine that our designer Laura has chosen for the Amulets Amazonia collection. Let yourself be seduced not only by these creations, but also from this concept of jewel: freshness, versatility and dynamism are in fact the key words of these precious talismans.  

Finally, in the Reverse collection the protagonist is the green labradorite, embraced by sparkling green sapphires chosen to enhance even more the color, that is more intense and bold than the one of the tourmalines. These wonderful jewels, just with a simple touch, reveal their double: the labradorite in fact, alternates to a stunning pave of green sapphires, amethysts, pink sapphires and tsavorite. A real masterpiece born from a deep study of color, but also from ingenuity and, of course, a high level of craftmanship.

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Intelligence, mental vivacity, fascination, and inclination to the change: this is what distinguishes the sign of Gemini, an air sign, whose energy field is stimulated by Mercury and Pluto. People born under the sign of Gemini are versatile, they let themselves be guided by intuitions, even if sometimes they find it difficult to distinguish good from evil. In crystal therapy they are stimulated by the yellow stones, like the sapphire or the yellow rutilated quartz, that release good mood, joie de vivre and creativity. Often associated with Gemini for its beneficial properties, sapphire is an extremely fascinating crystal able to infuse an extraordinary light to any jewel, transforming it into a work of art. We would like to propose it with this small-sized masterpiece: a 18kt gold ring with diamonds and sapphires, from an essential design and a timeless charm.

If you are looking for a more unusual stone, rutilated quartz is the perfect one for you. Greeks called it the ‘crown of Venus’, because it was believed it could capture sunlight to illuminate the minds of men. This stone will surprise you for its incredible internal streaks, which make each jewel unique.

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The energy field stimulated by the Moon and Venus gives birth to Cancer, one of the water signs of the zodiac. The character of Cancer is distinguished by great sweetness, sensitivity, and tenacity. This is a very faithful and imaginative sign, sometimes emotional and moody. All the stones associated with it are characterized by a white shade, such as the Australian white opal or the moonstone. The opal inspires joie de vivre and stimulates the desire for change and is also suitable for calming mood swings. White opal combined with pink sapphires and rubies gives life to some of the wonderful jewels of the Reverse collection. Thanks to a mechanism designed by Nanis designers, they can ‘rotate’ and thus be worn in different ways. Discover their charm with this delicate necklace in 18kt gold and diamonds, or in these wonderful “Ciliegine” earrings, available in the small, medium and big versions.

If you love moonstone, explore our White Desert Amulets, a collection dedicated to travels, both within and outside ourselves. Pendants that can be used as bracelets or necklaces, our iconic ‘Ciliegine’, or even rings to wear alone or combined with elegant 18kt gold models: the choice of how to carry always with you this extraordinary stone is only yours.

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Leo is one of the signs that par excellence represents the summer season, both for its timing and for the energy released by its heavenly governing body, the Sun. Those born under this fire sign are energetic, generous and passionate and have a great self-confidence, with a good tendency of being also combative. Their stones are influenced by the Sun, thus preferring the colors tending to gold, able to emanate energy and stimulate creativity and positivity. In Nanis we have decided to dedicate to those burn under the sign of Leo the stone which we are most fond of: the yellow rutilated quartz. This is a stone with high refractive capacity and that seems to have a very special relationship with the Sun, amplifying its light.

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An earth sign dominated by Mercury and Uranus, Virgo has a precise, reliable, selective, organized, shy and reserved character, with excellent analytical skills. Those born under this sign sometimes could be picky, even leading to perfectionism. The leading natural stone of this sign is the amethyst, able to stimulate mental energies and shield negative vibrations. It has an enveloping color able to enchant and it certainly doesn’t let who wears it go unnoticed! Amethyst is one of the symbolic stones of our Ipanema collection, where you can find charming ringspendantsbracelets, and earrings with incredible colors.

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Our journey to discover the luxurious encounter between natural stones and zodiac signs continues with Libra, an air sign whose energetic field is stimulated by Venus and Saturn. A harmonious and reserved character, with a strong sense for the value of friendship distinguishes those born under the sign of Libra. They also have a propensity for tenderness and a strong love for art and beauty. One of the most suitable stone for this sign is the green tourmaline that relaxes body and mind, it helps to cope with changes and is also considered a lucky charm in love. Fall in love with this jewel with an unusual design: a 18kt gold criss cross ring composed by two green tourmaline stones and a refined diamond rivière. A triumph of Italian craftmanship, a mix of delicacy and elegance, which gives life to a truly unique jewel.

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Scorpio is a water sign, which energetic field is influenced by the three planets of Pluto, Mars, and Mercury. Those born under this sign are passionate, reserved, combative, creative, and non-conformist people. They could be sometimes jealous, other times they tend to dramatize. Scorpios can be often identified by dark stones, like the black onyx, connected to the first chakra, therefore to the need to put down roots in finding their place in the world. By wearing this natural stone, we can get more in tune with other people, better understanding their desires and aspirations. Finally, onyx protects us against negative vibrations and external and superfluous influences. Nanis turned the black onyx into the protagonist of the Mystery Black collection, creating jewels that tell us about a mysterious Nature that seems becoming part of the person who wears it. Discover this seductive stone with these iconic earrings of the collection, in which the 18kt gold boules engraved by hand chase each other along sparkling diamonds, until meeting an onyx boule with an absolute color. And again, explore the rings, perfect to be worn alone or combined with other models in different sizes (or, why not, with our black diamonds ring), bracelets or necklaces, perfect for both casual and elegant looks.

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The last fire sign we are going to tell you about is Sagittarius, a zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Those born under this sign are characterized by honesty, reliability, friendliness, and kindness. They have a strong exploratory temperament and are excellent dialoguers, sometimes they could be incredibly restless. Sagittarius are influenced by dark stones that have blue shades, as the London Blue Topaz, a protective stone able to develop our communication skills and give us safety. This natural stone could be a great ally to fight against negativity. Ancient Romans associated it to success, optimism, expansion, and faith. In the Dancing Azure collection you’ll find many jewels created with this stone, which our designer Laura loves so much for their intense but transparent color at the same time, and that perfectly matches the warm tones of yellow gold. Find the London Blue Topaz jewel most appropriated for you among the many of this collection, as these wonderful earrings composed by rows of bright diamonds that intertwine with the London blue topaz, or this elegant ring that comes from the wise use of the ‘millerighe burin’ technique, or again this elegant pendant to wear and always bring with you. All of them, of course, in 18kt gold and hand-made by our master craftsmen.

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Reliable, tenacious, determined, rational and ambitious: we are talking about the Capricorn. An earth sign stimulated by Saturn, Uranus and Mars. In crystal therapy, as for the Scorpio, it is guided by dark stones. Capricorn has the capacity of observing people and things from above and black onyx is the perfect stone to enhance its innate individuality. This crystal in fact helps to overcome difficulties and increases self-control and sense of responsibility. This natural stone is considered helpful to let go of what doesn’t serve us anymore, promoting a useful and necessary change. One of our favorite jewels of the Mistery Black collection are the iconic Nanis ‘Ciliegine’ in 18kt gold, which in this version show two beautiful boules in black onyx crowned by the unmissable diamonds.

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Aquarius is an air sign with non-conformist, restless, logical traits and with a strong sense of rationality. It is influenced by the three planets of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune. This zodiac sign has the capacity of turning page and deciding quickly in front of the crossroads. Aquarius is influenced by the natural stone of the aquamarine, which strengthens wisdom and intuition, and that since always has accompanied tenacious people. It is also considered a stone that increases self-confidence. Together with the London blue topaz, this stone is the great protagonist of the Dancing Azure collection. Laura for these jewels has chosen a particular and organic aquamarine, characterized by a soft and delicate color, with internal veins that she likes to define as ‘perfectly imperfect’. Discover the interpretations of this extraordinary stone in the iconic ‘Soffio’ necklace, in the Azure tennis bracelet, or even in the refined necklaces of the collection and ‘let yourself be chosen’ by your jewel!   

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Our journey into the magical universe of the stars ends with the water sign of Pisces. A zodiac sign influenced by Neptune, Jupiter, and the Moon. Those born under this sign are great listeners, very understanding and creative. They could be sweet, imaginative, and intuitive, but also changeable, unstable, emotional and sometimes restless. In the crystal therapy, the zodiac sign of Pisces is also sensitive to the effects of purple, blue and transparent stones, that is why it is also associated to the amethyst, a natural stone that stimulates dreamlike activity, improves memory, strengthens self-control and tends to help people in moments of extreme sensitivity and potentially unprepared in front of certain misadventures. Speaking of blue stones, we would like to suggest to those born under the sign of Pisces the beautiful necklace of the Ipanema collection of Nanis, where the energy of the purple amethyst meets the delicacy of London blue topaz. A pendant that releases vitality and elegance, thanks to its thousand shades and games of lights.

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Reflect yourself in the shades of your zodiac sign and in the traits of the stones associated with them, choose your favorite jewel and let yourself be embraced by the enchanting beauty and its intense positive vibrations!