Earrings: our guide to find the right ones for you

Earrings are among the most beloved jewels ever, capable of completely changing a look! But how to choose the right one? How to decide between a more minimal and a more eye-catching earring, between a more linear design or a more rounded and sinuous one? Let us take you on a journey through our 18kt gold and diamonds earrings, to discover the ones that suit you best!

Earrings are a very important accessory and in our opinion they should never be missing in a woman's look. But how to choose them? Here are our suggestions, approved by our designer Laura, who has designed a lot of them just to be able to meet the needs of every woman.

Classic (but not only that…)

One of the earrings we love most are our “cherries”: 18kt gold and diamonds boules that Laura has designed in small, medium and large versions and also in full brill. An earring that was born as an extremely classic concept, but that with a pinch of creativity can become very contemporary. In fact, if you have the second hole you could wear 2 of them together, changing completely style!

What if I don't have the second hole?

No problem! We’ve designed a 18kt gold and diamonds “twig” that perfectly follows the curve of the ear, adorning it with small hand-engraved boules. To ensure its stability, the "magical" Nanis butterfly that perfectly supports the earring! You could also consider wearing only one, wearing another type of earring, perhaps longer, in the other ear. Who said earrings must always be paired?

Versatile earrings

Are you looking for a jewel that can change according to your mood and the occasion? Laura has designed a truly unique pair of earrings, capable of masterfully combining luxury and versatility. They are composed of two boules of slightly different sizes and connected by an 18kt gold chain. Thanks to a small ring they can be adapted in 2 different sizes, becoming longer or shorter depending on what you prefer. And why not, you can also combine them with other shorter earrings, playing with contrasts and asymmetries!

The inevitable "chunky" earrings

If, on the other hand, you are looking for more important and eye-catching earrings, to give your look a truly classy touch, go for a more showy jewel, such as the first earrings that Laura designed for her IVY, that is a scale of gold boules that culminates in a grain of diamonds, or for our iconic NUVOLE, named in this way for their extreme lightness: once worn, you will forget you are wearing them! After all, elegance is nothing without the comfort!


By now you know, what we encourage you to do with your jewelry is to find the one that can follow you, the one that best suits your lifestyle and expresses you the most. Most importantly, make sure you find the one that ignites a spark in your eyes!