"Cashmere" 18kt gold earrings: an extremely versatile jewel

Are you looking for an original and versatile jewel at the same time? Look no further: Cashmere earrings, in 18kt gold and diamonds, are the right ones for you! With a simple gesture they change its shape, actually their 3 shapes!

“For me cashmere is the metaphor of true luxury”

It’s Laura speaking, co-founder of Nanis and creative soul of the brand. And if you ask her, she will answer that before being a precious material, cashmere is a sensation. A warm hug, a delicate caress, an intimate attention, addressed first of all to ourselves. This is luxury according to Laura. And that's why her jewels are always embracing, soft and light. For her you have to forget you are wearing them. They must become part of us, ready to welcome us and change according to our mood, look, personality!

Cashmere…. 3 jewels in one!

What makes Cashmere the jewel that cannot be missing in your jewelry box? Or what makes it the perfect gift idea (for yourself or your friends)? Its versatility and its unique details!

The gold boule is sinuous and round, but also slightly smoothed so as to perfectly welcome the earlobe. Its surface, as in all our handmade jewels, is engraved with the ancient burin technique, a process that makes them as soft as silk.
The shape of this boule then creates a delicate contrast with the gold and brilliant cut diamonds little drop.

The mechanism of these earrings has been tested many times because Laura wanted them to be removed very easily. That was necessary in order to give life to the several interpretations of the jewel! Thanks to the study behind the jewel, now with a simple gesture we can wear these earrings in the most different ways: simply with the drop of diamonds (adding a butterfly in the back of the lobe), with the little drop in the front and the boule behind, or with the boule in the front, creating a delicious creole!

And if you still have any doubts about the versatility of these earrings, watch this video where Laura explains them in detail!


How to style Cashmere earrings: a quick guide

This versatile jewel will match any look and any moment of your day!

With a romantic or daily outfit, you can in fact go for the creole version of the cashmere earrings, with the boule in front, and maybe combine it with a soft, round bracelet, as our IVY or a with a more sober tennis.

Are you on the contrary looking for a rather minimal touch, a detail of light? To be matched with your hair up, like a low chignon? The droplet of diamonds is the right choice for you, and will allow you to add a necklace to your look, for example a gold pendant or a choker.

If, on the other hand, you have a more transgressive look and want something more unusual and original, add the gold boule on the back of the lobe to the droplet of diamonds on the front, it will give you a truly rock touch! Maybe to be completed with several gold or, why not, black diamonds rings!

But that's not all! In fact, if you have more piercings, you can definitely overdo with a lot of earrings! As Italian influencer and manager Silvia Berri, for example, loves wearing them!

In short… the imagination is your only limit: ready to interpret your Cashmere?