The three golden rules to perfectly style black onyx jewels

How would be a wardrobe without some statement black pieces in it? It wouldn’t even be worthy of this name… And if we told you that the same goes for jewelry? Here’s our quick guide to pick out the perfect black onyx jewels for all your favorite outfits!

Whether it’s a sheath dress, an elegant pair of trousers or that vintage biker jacket, black is a crucial part of our style, a real game changer for any occasion, from a last minute work cocktail till a night out with your best friends. There is (and probably there will never be) no fashion show worthy of the name where this color is, if not the protagonist, at least one of the main characters. Then God bless all black outfits…and black jewelry too! There’s nothing more contemporary classy that a black diamonds and 18kt gold ring, but don’t stop there! Why not matching it with some black onyx jewels? This natural stone, so shiny and fascinating, also known for protecting from negative vibes and for its balancing effects, is one of the trendiest right now and it shouldn’t be missing from your jewelry collection! Are you ready to find out all the secrets to style this gemstone?



This is probably the first thing to take into account when choosing your jewels! There is no-one-size-fits-all, it’s a matter of situation, taste and of course personality.

Heading to a cozy gathering with a charming V-neck black dress, maybe matched with a pair of cowboy boots? Then probably a simple, long string of onyx and gold pearls would be the perfect choice. According to the neckline of your dress, you can play with different ways of interpreting the same necklace: it can be worn as a lariot, or in a longer version, or maybe combined with another necklace. Just make sure to follow the golden rule: never overpower your look!

Wearing a tuxedo jacked? Then the same string of onyx gemstones, 18kt gold and diamonds could be the perfect statement piece for it, but this time in a choker version, to highlight the neckline. Probably in this case you could also skip the earrings and rather complete your look with a delicate bracelet, if you feel like. Less is more, we all know that!

If on the contrary you’re heading to a work meeting, remember that jewelry is a great way to spice up a bit a formal outfit and to express your personality! Why for instance don’t playing with details? In those situations, instead of a statement piece, you might feel more comfortable with small but distinctive jewelry, such as a thin chocker, or a diamonds, 18kt gold and onyx necklace that is going to give to your neckline a touch of sophistication. If the necklace is not too big, then it can be nice matching it with a pair of onyx earrings - or maybe two!) 


Want to dress to impress? Then think about something peculiar, unique, something that speaks up and transform your outfit from a nice one into a remarkable one. Needless to say, jewels can be your best friends here. One of the golden rules when creatively coordinating jewelry with your outfit is playing with sizes and opposites. An oversize suit will probably be gorgeous if matched with light jewels, such as thin necklaces, or stackable onyx, diamonds or 18kt gold rings or, why not, multiple earrings. When styling everyday jewelry, don’t be shy but use them to empower your look!

Wearing the simplest pair of jeans ever and a black tight tank top? Consider to skip necklaces and earrings and really exaggerating with rings: onyx gemstones, black diamonds, 18kt gold are there to help you style your hands as a pro!


Remember that YOU are the starting point of your look, so shape it according to your points of strength and to your personality. When you create an outfit, you’re expressing yourself, then make sure it’s the best version of you!

According to the shape of your face, for example, you can decide the best pair of earrings for you. Long and oval faces typically look better with “short” earrings, while a more rounded face probably will look more balanced with some drop earrings. The best thing is to make trials, both with your hair up and down, and see what really works and makes you feel better.

When it comes to pick up the right jewels, also their shape can make all the difference. More rounded jewels will probably give a touch of sensuality to your look, most of all when matched with deep necklines; while more linear jewels are more likely to have a much elegant and refined attire. It really depends on what you want to say with your outfit and how you feel.

No matter what, just remember how jewels can literally transform your look, making you shine more than anything else. Take the time to explore, have fun mixing and matching: you are creating a work of art after all, keep it in mind!