The properties of Nanis natural stones



Stones have always been a synonym of strength and purity and it is believed that those who wear them release a vital energy able to bring beneficial effects.  

We have created a little guide that will make you discover which is the most appropriate stone for you, not simply because of its color or aesthetic value, but for its intrinsic properties. Choosing a jewel with a natural stone is a way to interact with the world inside and outside us. After all, also our body and the entire universe are an energy source. Are you ready to dive into the mysterious world of stones?

Our journey starts with the White Moonstone. A stone connected to women, to the subconscious, to inner tides and changes and capable to give a strong balancing and relaxing power. Its meaning is associated to intuition: the Moonstone helps to make the personality stronger, to express yourself with confidence, to make the right decisions, facing inconveniences and living life in the moment. It is also considered a holy stone because it has important beneficial properties that are reflected in all the aspects of the female reproductive system, increasing fertility and regulating the period. In crystal therapy it is used to accompany those who must face an inner journey, in search of the deepest and most hidden truths, that is why the Moonstone is one of the main characters of the Amulet collection, the jewel dedicated to the travel par excellence.

The Aventurine, another big protagonist of the Amulets collection, is a lucky stone, that attracts abundance and money, capable to release an important dose of optimism and positive mood to those who wear it. It is also known for its beneficial properties related to physical health. In particular, the green Aventurine is a symbol of purity and recovery, especially when suffering from heart disease and infections. The orange Aventurine purifies the blood, protects blood circulation, warms, and revitalize the numb parts of the body and fortifies the liver. Also, from a mental point of view it can bring considerable reliefs. It helps to balance emotions, regulates anxiety, fears and discomfort, promotes empathy, and encourages resilience. The key word of this stone is ‘growth’: the Aventurine promotes the development of energies, relationships and ideas, acting as an important foundation when starting a new project or facing important changes.

Besides being one of the most iconic Nanis stones, Milky Aquamarine is one of the most known and loved gems in the world. The positive vibrations it releases are a lot. First, it has an extraordinary calming and purifying effect; it is considered the stone of the truthtrust, and happy love, and for this reason it is usually given as a gift to newlyweds. The Milky Aquamarine is a precious amulet if you want to work on emotions, overcome fears or traumas of the past, improve communication, and unleash creativity. That’s why this stone is also considered a strong allied for self-esteem and fulfillment. This is the stone of the goddess of the sea and antiquity, used in the past as a protective amulet for fishermen and sailors, and still today it is strongly recommended for travels across the sea. Jewels with this stone are most desired during the summer season, when the light enhances its reflections, which we love to accentuate even more by combining aquamarine with the hand-engraved 18kt gold. Just think of the beautiful “Amulets” Ciliegine earrings, the delicate “Dancing in the Rain AZURE” bracelets or the elegant “Ipanema” ring. Look for the aquamarine jewel that best suits you!

Let’s now discover the beautiful Tourmaline! Its name recalls the big variety of colors that characterize this gem: “tourmaline” in Senegalese language means in fact “mixed stones of colors”. In the “Dancing in The Rain TOURMALINES” collection, Nanis designers wanted to propose them with charming green and pink shades, creating refined jewels. According to Eastern philosophies, these stones have many invigorating and energizing properties because of the high level of electricity they own. In fact, when heated, they develop electric charges contrary to the opposite endings, giving life to an energy that can be very powerful on human being. Depending on the color, the particularities of the crystal changes: the pink one protects the heart and encourages new encounters, while the green one attracts well-being and calms the nervous system. In every variety and color, the Tourmaline has the power to take care and reinforce the human body, injecting the power of the spirit into the nervous system. It also promotes sleep and strengthens the relationship between body and mind. This stone keeps away worries and negative conditions because it can release a strong and protective influence, and it helps to solve situations that are perceived as hopeless. The Tourmalines stimulate and reawake the body, remove sadness, encourage tolerance and reduce tensions, that is why it is usually recommended to wear it with regularity, for example with an everyday ring or a necklace.  

From the colored Tourmalines we’ll dive into the properties of the dark black Onyx. Its name comes from Greek word “claw” or “fingernail” because the veins of the mineral remember the colors of the fingernail. A precious stone with volcanic origin, whose mysterious and impenetrable color recalls the unknown and the human mysteries. Also called “maturity stone”, black onyx is perfect for those who already have a strong willpower and a great balance. The black onyx teaches to accept our destiny, makes wiser and more realistic. It keeps apart from negative thoughts and fosters optimism and enthusiasm. On a mental level, this stone helps to better know ourselves and to get in tune with people who surround us, making us more open to confrontation and to the understanding of others’ desires and aspirations. Speaking of listening, the black Onyx is also called “stone of hearing” for its beneficial properties that help to improve the hearing. Earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces: there are plenty of possibilities to wear this stone and you can find them all in our MYSTERY BLACK collection. Let yourself be “chosen” by these jewels and surrender to their extraordinary power.

Labradorite is a beautiful natural stone of the Labrador Peninsula, in the Canadian lands. The most common one is the blue-green labradorite, known for its beneficial properties related to promoting patience and empathy. It is believed that this crystal is an ally in stimulating the imagination and reducing the too many ideas produced by an overactive mind, favoring balance, and strengthening intuition that leads to truth. Thanks to these benefits, labradorite allows to focus on the true nature of goals, making easier the resolution of the daily challenges. Another curiosity connected to this precious gem is its capacity to enhance the personal charm of those who are wearing it; in fact, those who carry this stone with them hardly go unnoticed. Combined with the Rock Crystal, this stone makes the jewels of the Reverse collection among the most beloved ones! The Ciliegine earrings, an elegant ring, the beautiful bangle or a delicate pendant: which ones among these jewels, enriched by the natural properties and the enchantment of the Labradorite, can’t you resist?

The London Blue Topaz is another stone that often you will find in the Nanis jewels. It is characterized by blue shades that recall those of sky and the sea but differs from the Milky Aquamarine for its more intense and transparent color at the same time. The Topaz reflects the energy of the mind and knowledge, contributing to reach the perfection in projects and personal aspirations. A stone of peacecalm and harmony, able to raise the mood and balance emotions, even the most opposite ones. This stone is used for treatments against depression because it helps to alleviate fears and offended feelings, it is also recommended for the healing of a person that suffered from a trauma or a shock. For its effects on the psyche, the London Blue Topaz is a stone suitable for artists. In fact, it gives access to their creativity and increases the appreciation for beauty. In addition, it is said to give a person the ability to see both the bigger picture and smallest details, recognizing their correlation. The last important aspect to consider is the connection of this crystal with wealth. The London Blue Topaz has long been a symbol of luxury and opulence and, when you are in contact with its energies, you are inviting these things into your life! Combined with the refinement of 18kt gold and diamonds, this gem gives life to irresistible jewels, like this elegant pendant or these earrings of the “AZURE” collection


Our journey goes on with the most precious crystal and hardest material in the world: the Diamond. Its name comes from the Greek “adamas”, which means “invincible”; tradition connects it to Venus, symbol of virtue and honesty. It has always been a symbol of strength, courage and invulnerability, which is why it is also associated with fire. On a psychic level it gives a lot of clarity and teaches to be more confident, allowing to face with more serenity the difficulties of life. Diamond is a crystal that helps to keep away the senseless fears and it helps developing a clear understanding of one’s existential situation. This stone can release happinesslight and lightness, removing negative elements and supporting the liberation of the soul through the fulfillment of karma. For centuries, in India the diamond has been considered the meditation stone of wise and pure people, a guide that helps developing the rational thinking, allowing to catch connections between the most opposite things. The diamond is a timeless stone of immense value, unmissable in almost all Nanis’ creations: in the wonderful pavé, like the one in this Elite ring, in the closures of many necklaces, like the iconic Ivy or the essential Soffio. You can find it also in the sparkling bars that combine our hand-engraved boules, as in these earrings or in this pendant. With the 18kt gold, the diamond gives life to unique jewels with a timeless charm, that you will no longer be able to give up.

A crystal from a bright and brilliant color, one of the hardest stones that can be found in Nature and one of the most beloved precious gems by the women: we are talking about the sapphire. A precious stone synonym of beauty, inner peace, mental acuity, psychic activation, and wisdom. According to some legends, the term sapphire comes from the Greek word “sàppheiros” which means “blue”, according to others, however, it would have origins linked to Jewish culture and to the word “sappir” which means “the most beautiful thing”. It is said that who is wearing a sapphire receives protection, in fact it is often used as a talisman by those who want to preserve their purity, being protected by deception, or discover betrayals caused by the loved ones. In the past it was thought that those who owned this natural stone were good and generous people, able to handle the power. These beliefs explain why, still today, sapphire is associated to a treasure that every woman would like to keep in their jewelry box and wear for special occasions.The jewelry designers that choose this beautiful stone in all their shades are always more: blue, yellow, pink, orange, green and many more are the colors of these precious gems that give life to creations with timeless charm. Also Nanis jewels are enriched by the colors and value of the sapphires: the yellow shades of this gem are the protagonist of the rings of Ipanema collection (AS10-576 AH14-515), while the details of these precious pink and green stones enrich some of the jewels of Reverse collection.

The red stone par excellence, the first that everyone learns to recognize from an early age, is of course the Ruby. Symbol of nobility and virtue, it originates from the element of fire, and it has always been known as the stone of strengthcourage, and passion. Ruby is an aphrodisiac and allows you to experience all forms of love: it strengthens couple relationship, encourages reciprocal engagement, keeps alive the passion between lovers, and it is excellent to increase chances of conception. This stone is also useful in case of love disappointments, that often lead to distrust of trying new experiences connected to this beautiful feeling. Ruby helps to ward off anger and moving forward, looking to a positive future. From the mental point of view, ruby makes you active, dynamic, and passionate, pushing you to get out of the nest of apathy, passivity and shyness. It promotes memory, intuition and concentration on concrete objectives. On a physical level, on the other hand, it stimulates energy, acts on empathic deficiencies and problems related to blood. According to legends, it is a protective amulet that, by changing its color, warns of a danger or a looming disease. Ruby is the stone that we have chosen for some of our most iconic jewels, like the fascinating ring and earrings of the “Dancing in the Rain REVERSE”collection.


Amethyst is a crystal with a typical purple color and since ancient times it was a symbol of power. It is a stone that promotes inner calm, mental clarity and intuitions, and it is connected to the element of water. Amethyst is related to the emotional and femininity sphere: love, recovery, harmony, compassion, peace, and dreams. Its relaxing action has also an effect on the body because it can attenuate muscle tensions, headache, stomachache due to stress, anxiety, agitation, and pains connected to anxious states. Amethyst is an ideal stone for people that prefer a sober and comfortable lifestyle, those who don’t tend to take the step longer than the leg and don’t like to exceed to avoid risks. The term, in fact, derives from Amethystos and means ‘the one who doesn’t drink’. For its beauty and intensity, we have chosen this stone for the colorful Ipanema collection, dedicated to joy and vitality. Discover amethyst alone or combined with other beautiful stones.


Another protagonist of the Ipanema collection is the Rutilated Quartz, in the yellow and grey version. This stone is so called because inside there are the rutile crystals (titanium dioxide). When exposed to the sun, its streaks reflect beautiful colors: it is not by chance that it is also called “crown of Venus”. This stone stimulates positive thoughts, opens the mind, develops views that help not to be conditioned by external events and defend from negative people, giving strength, balance, protection, energy, and making us find happiness again. The Rutilated Quartz support us against loss and loneliness, helps who has low self-esteem or those that abuse of their own personal power. On the physical point of view, this crystal also helps us against eating disorders and depression, enhancing good health and harmony. It allows the absorption of some nutrients, favoring the development of the tissues and strengthens the immune system. In short, it is a stone strongly recommended to people that want to get a defense in the most varied circumstances. Explore all the Nanis jewels of the “Ipanema” collection and the beautiful interaction among the rutilated quartz, the 18kt gold and diamonds!


We have reached the last stop of our journey: the Australian Opal, a stone that contains the power of all the elements: the energy of the fire, the fecundity of the earth, the sensibility of the water and the creativity of the air. Opal means ‘precious stone’, and it is believed that its properties favor the best choice in most important decisions, thanks to the positive vibrations of the joy of living and desire of change. This stone can be a source of support during the hardest periods of mental effort or important working projects because it encourages wisdom and realization. The Opal makes joyous, carefree, and spontaneous. It helps to transform negative feelings as envy, greed, and fear in positive feelings, and it contributes to break the rigidity of mental patterns. Thanks to its brilliant grafts, the opal is also known for its light refraction games (opalescence). It has a general benefit effect on health: it focuses on joints, helps the heart to beat regularly, relieves disorders of the digestive system and rebalances the nervous system. Discover here the entire collection (ringbraceletnecklace, and earrings) realized with this breathtaking stone!  


Did these stories intrigue you? Now you just need to find the stone that best suits you, wear the jewel that you prefer and let yourself be overwhelmed by its energy and positive vibrations!