The "True nature of things": the new Nanis campaign

Choral tale freely inspired by Lucrezio's "De rerum natura", the new Nanis campaign takes us on an exciting journey to that suspended and magical place, where the beauty of Nature meets the talent of man.

How to tell the true, authentic soul of Nanis? What really characterizes us deep down? What is the true essence of what we have been doing for over thirty years?
We asked ourselves these questions, especially during this pandemic, which forced us to stop and look inside ourselves perhaps like never before. A desire to tell us and to you what drives us, inspires and excites us for decades has become stronger and stronger.We looked at ourselves in the mirror, until we got to the essence of who we are and what we do.

So what is left when you take all the layers off ? It remains ... the true nature of things. The true nature of who we are:

There is so much in who we are. There is passion and savoir faire. Craftsmanship and imagination. Wise hands and technology.
But above all an ABSOLUTE love for beauty. A beauty that as Italians has always been with us, wherever we look, and that we feel the irrepressible need to share.
It is part of who we are and what we do.
Creating and bringing beauty into the world is not a choice for us, but a necessity: it is simply abandoning ourselves to our destiny. We cannot imagine doing otherwise.