Lynn Yaeger in love with Amarcord collection

Since the foundation, the link between jewelry and fashion has always been very strong in Nanis. And in the middle of the fashion week climate we could only celebrate this artistic connection, especially if the legendary fashion editor Lynn Yaeger falls in love with one of our collections! We met this engaging and impactful writer, one of the most keen and witty voices of our times, during the Vicenza Oro fair, where we presented our new collections in a world preview.

Lynn Yaeger fell in love with AMARCORD jewels, designed by our creative designer Laura and inspired by the 1973 Oscar-winning film by Federico Fellini. Amarcord is a local expression that means "I remember", the collection is in fact dedicated to the fascinating and melancholic movement between past and present.

The vintage and contemporary styles meet and blend in the elegant flowers of the Amarcord collection, diamonds embrace the gold handcrafted by our artisans with the ancient technique of burin, delivering unique pieces. One of which, now, is on the finger of Lynn Yaeger (and we could not be more proud of it!)