The "Libera Soul" project

What happens when a jewel frees itself from the same jewel it gave life to?

What is the true essence of a jewel? What makes it truly unique? Laura Bicego, the eclectic designer and co-founder of Nanis, has no doubts: the magic of jewelry lies in the personality of the wearer. And this is why she has always designed free, versatile jewels, open to the most varied possibilities. Because no jewel has never to be the same, but has to adapt and change together with the women it is with.
Art and versatility intertwine and merge with the creativity of Laura, a woman who designs for women, also and above all in her latest LIBERA SOUL project: a new, revolutionary jewel that has joined the “un-chained” LIBERA family.

LIBERA SOUL is the "soul" of the collection, the element that is its quintessence and that frees itself in order to give life to new possibilities and interpretations.

Fulcrum of the project, the two key elements of LIBERA, one oval and the second made of three intertwined rings. Made of 18kt gold and completely hand- engraved, these refined elements can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace, thanks to the silk cord that comes with them. Or, why not, they can help you to elegantly revisit the LIBERA earrings ...

Let yourself be seduced by the possibilities of this jewel and find YOUR way to interpret LIBERA SOUL!