The perfect jewel for every event and occasion

The calendar is reminding you that an important occasion or a special event is almost here? Will you be an elegant guest, or the star of the day? You have already chosen the dress to wear, but you lack the final touch to highlight your outfit? It’s time to think about the jewels that will make this occasion unique! And if it is true that necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings can completely change your look, it is equally true that it is important to choose and wear them following some simple "golden rules". Which ones? Make yourself comfortable and relax, you are about to discover them all!



Size and showiness are some of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing a jewel. Speaking of the earrings, for example, a long and thin model will be perfect both to combine with the classic low or side bun, or also with a half up-do, and to enrich the bare neck, especially when wearing a long and elegant dress. This kind of earrings is even more appreciated when worn during the evening. When the heat and glare of the sun give way to the colors of the golden hours, in fact, this type of jewel manages to give a touch of light to the wearer's face. Soffio earrings, characterized by small boules in 18kt gold engraved by hand by our master craftsmen, are the perfect jewel for an important event, especially for maids of honor or bridesmaids. Thanks to the extreme simplicity and at the same time great elegance, in fact, they know how to embellish the look without stealing the attention from the bride. Do you prefer the classic version or the one with aquamarine gems? (OS23-583 OS26-587)

If you prefer chunky earrings, we recommend not wearing necklaces, unless it is a very thin and delicate one (like CS34-583 and CN11-603 for example) . Perfect to combine with a colorful outfit by day or a dark dress for the evening, the sinuous shapes and details of chunky earrings will give to your look a real twist. If you are invited to a wedding or an important event, we recommend our Nuvole earrings, which will surprise you not only for their design but also for their extreme lightness (OS25-538).


To enhance the line of the neck and your décolleté it is essential to choose the right necklace. If your dress hasn’t a very wide neckline, you can opt for more high-necked necklaces, while for the deeper ones you can choose longer models. Our Soffio is the necklace that par excellence enhances all V-necks, regardless their deepness. Thanks to the extreme versatility and adjustable closure, you can choose the length of the necklace and follow the line of the neckline of the dress. This jewel model elongates the chest and gives harmony to the entire look.

The more classic round neckline can be enhanced with a necklace of the same shape, such as chokers and necklaces. For a simple and monochromatic dress, for example a total black or white outfit, we recommend our necklace from the Dancing Tourmalines collection, embellished with the colors of tourmalines (CN11-601). If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more classic necklace, then the Aria collier with the splendid boules in 18kt gold and the refined rows of diamonds, will be perfect for your special occasion (CS16-583). If instead of gold you prefer a stone that gives a contemporary touch, discover Aria with the rutilated quartz gems of the Ipanema collection, available in the yellow or gray version. (CS2-596 CS1-596)

The maxi-dress is a large dress model that knows no season as, both in summer and in winter, if worn with the right precautions, knows how to get noticed. When you opt for this dress, whether for an important event or a dinner out, our advice is to combine it with a long necklace, in particular the timeless Chanel model. For us, this model from the Dancing Elite collection (CN3-583) is one of the necklaces that par excellence expresses the concept of versatility and adaptability to any look and occasion. And for an extra touch of glamor, match the necklace with its bracelet with small boules in 18kt gold engraved by hand (BN1-583)





Color is the key word for summer: how to best enhance it if not with a jewel enriched with precious and, of course, colored stones? The secret lies in always maintaining a balance between shapes and colors, to create the right harmony between the dress and the matched jewels. The precious and lively gems together with the neutral tones outfits will receive a touch of color, giving a lively result. Our advice? Dare and play with the different shades, while always considering the importance of the primary color of your look. The intense purple of amethyst, like that of this charming cocktail ring, is perfect with a dark dress or with an outfit with the same hue (AS6-576). If you opt for a more casual outfit, we recommend wearing more rings and natural stones at the same time. London blue topazaquamarinetourmalinessapphiresblack onyxaventurine, and many more: come and discover our entire selection of stackable rings!



If you can’t change your outfit during the event, change your necklace! If you are invited to a party that will last all day, choose an extremely versatile jewel that can follow you at any time! Our IVY necklace can be interpreted in many ways: a choker for the morning, a Chanel version in the afternoon and a lariat in the evening (CS32-538). The diamonds closure, in fact, can be attached to any of the gold boules, thus giving you the opportunity to adjust the length as desired. Discover all the Ivy models: a fusion of high Italian craftsmanship and contemporary taste, a string of 18kt gold pearls hand engraved one by one by our artisans.



One last important reminder to always keep in mind: never forget the importance of the role you play in the occasion. Our Ciliegine (Italian for “cherries”), for example, both with 18kt gold boules and with diamond pavè, are the perfect earring for both the mother of the bride and the maid of honor (OS16-583 OS27-583). On the other hand, the light point necklace of the Dancing Elite collection, a delicate 18kt gold chain enriched with precious diamonds, is one of the most recommended jewels to adorn the bride's neck (CS34-583). Glamorous and extremely romantic, this timeless choker can be perfect both in one of the most important days of one's life, and for a special event.

At the end of the day, as our designer Laura always likes to remember, occasions are not special in themselves: we make them so! And now that you know all the secrets, you just have to find the perfect jewel for your next special date!

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