Libera: the jewels of the free woman

Forget the traditional chains and welcome LIBERA: a collection out of the boxes, dynamic and open to any interpretation. Jewels that keep changing, giving life to something always new. Get ready to discover our… unchained chains!

It is from a profound desire to break, to "force" design and concepts that seem immutable, that LIBERA has come to life. For Laura it was almost a challenge. "When you think of the chain", said the designer, "you always think of something rigid, which limits you." But this idea of ​ jewel was too tight for her, and that is why she decided to "free" the chain, and finally rewrite it in the Nanis way.
The result is a light, dynamic, classic and bold collection at the same time. The hand engraving, Nanis' trademark technique, makes these jewels soft, a hug to wear. The scratches of the burin, made with extreme delicacy by the skilled hands of our artisans, elegantly reflect the light, making 18kt yellow gold even brighter.

In LIBERA, the fine manual finishes meet not only a contemporary design but also an idea of ​​a different jewel.
The necklaces of the collection tell the story of a new and bold jewel: from the more classic ones, to those in which smaller elements alternate with larger ones, turning irregularity into elegance.
The closure of these necklaces, which as in every Nanis creation holds a surprise, becomes almost invisible, it almost seems to “disappear”, perfectly harmonized with the design of the jewels. Invisible, but at the same time crucial as it opens the collection to its infinite possibilities of interpretation. In fact, it is thanks to this detail that necklaces can be combined with bracelets, which are also available in models with a more classic or more irregular designs, completely transforming the jewels.



But also pendants in which the chain becomes thinner, leaving room for precious details that with sensual delicacy rest on the neckline. And then more minimal pendants, in the large and small size, up to the unmissable chanel. There is no limit to the exploration and contamination of the aesthetic canons of this collection.

The "roundness" and sinuosity, distinctive elements of Laura's artistic research, also distinguish the bangles of the collection decorated with refined brilliants pavé.

Contemporary design meets Laura's lively creativity and skilled craftsmanship also in the rings, which set completely free. Like 18kt gold and diamonds lines that move with absolute freedom between the fingers, these jewels range plays with geometries, till breaking them or even going completely out of the boxes, as in the case of the ring to be worn on the middle and ring finger together. A touch of glam rock, incredibly comfortable.

And finally the earrings, available in smallmedium and large models, a fusion of minimalism and extreme elegance, designed to be worn alone or together, depending on your look.

For us, you know, the jewel is first of all a form of expression, intimate and external at the same time, a way to express one's personality. This is why we have been rewriting the canons of jewelry for thirty years, because we want to make it more versatile, open and fluid. To create jewels capable of changing with you. Because only a free jewel, capable of continually reinventing itself, can truly follow today's women and, at the same time, escape the passage of time.

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