Happy birthday to us... and a big thank you!

It is almost unbelievable, but 30 years have passed since that 1990. Since Laura and Piero embarked on this life adventure, chasing one dream: to "renew" the jewel, rewrite it in a contemporary way, but through the oldest goldsmith techniques.

Laura and Piero: "ying and yang" of jewelry

Exploring, interpreting, digging into tradition to build a creative dialogue with modernity. A paradox, you might say. Indeed!, it is precisely the paradox in which Nanis has its roots.

Laura, who thanks to her father's company has literally grown up with jewels, has built her very special aesthetic around and through them. And while on the one hand she fell in love with that world, on the other she dreamed of revolutionizing it. She dreamed of a new jewel, "freed" and no longer limited only to "special" occasions. A jewel capable of following women, keeping up with their lives and their changes.

Piero: an innate passion for design, precision, mechanics and, of course, goldsmith craftsmanship. A love for the well-made, for quality, and the dream of carrying on an ancient goldsmith tradition, of preserving and protecting that immense cultural (and also social) heritage, and willing at the same time to instill into it freshness and modernity.

Nanis has originated from the spark of these two complementary, heterogeneous souls, "ying and yang of jewelry". Since day one they have conceived the company as a constant dialogue between past and present, mechanics and creativity, innovation and tradition, condensed in magnificent jewels in 18kt gold, diamonds and natural stones.

30 years have passed, the collections have followed one another, and we will tell you everything about them. But we want to start with what is the true fil rouge underlying each of our creations. And it is not a specific technique or a particular process, but a philosophy: versatility.

Versatile jewels

Today we talk a lot about it, but thirty years ago it was not like that at all. The jewel was mainly conceived as something "static", often a status symbol, and inextricably linked to a certain type of occasion. Nanis has always moved away from this way of conceiving the jewel.

Our jewels are born from a simple assumption: wearing a jewel makes you happy, "glowing", makes your eyes shine and makes you feel beautiful and strong. And why on earth limit this wonderful feeling to "special occasions"? Jewels must be part of everyday life. And to do this, besides being beautiful, they must be versatile, which translated means light, dynamic, capable of “changing” according to the woman who will wear them and her style.

And to make clear how revolutionary and avant-garde this vision was, we translated our jewelry philosophy into our first collection: TRASFORMISTA.

A simple gesture and ... voila! 18kt gold and diamonds bracelet and necklace completely change their shape, becoming elegant to casual in a second. And again, as if by magic, a completely hand-engraved bracelet can unravel in a timeless necklace.

Research, creativity, aesthetics brought to the maximum level contributed to the birth of this collection, which after 3 decades is still among our best sellers. And it is, we are sure of it, because it lets the owner express it. This is after all one of the tasks of art: to leave the interpretation to people, which is never univocal. And that's why nothing makes us happier to hear the stories of our customers, your stories related to our jewels: you are the ones who give them life.

Thanks for these first 30 years together!