drop and dangle gold earrings


    Have you ever dreamt of wearing a pair of gold dangling earrings and then woke up with a feeling of longing? Earrings, in general, are a positive sign in dreams: they denote both inner and material wealth.

    For Miller, a mysterious man who lived in Tennessee between the 19th and 20th centuries of whom little is known except that he left us a famous book on dream interpretation, they represent good news.

    Whatever the meaning of your dream, Nanis will know how to achieve it by helping you find in its wide range of 18kt gold drop earrings the one that will light up your face like a dream. From elegant minimal drop earrings to the ones with colorful gems such as moonstone, aquamarine, aventurine, white opal, and ruby (just to name a few), to our iconic "Ciliegine" model, make sure to pick the drop or dangle earrings you have been dreaming of.

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