gold hoop earrings


    A powerful symbol for various civilizations, hoop earrings first appeared as early as 2500 B.C. among Sumerian women. A thousand years later, in Ancient Egypt, even cats, sacred animals, were adorned with these symbolic jewels, while in Ancient Rome, hoop earrings became a status symbol under the consulate of Julius Caesar. Modern history sees these jewels as protagonists of the golden age of piracy, between 1650 and 1730, as they were worn by privateers as a pledge of a guaranteed and proper burial. In 19th century in Japan these pendants were incorporated into the tradition of Ainu culture and worn by both sexes.

    Light, feminine and symbols of freedom and lightness, Nanis reinterprets these jewels by making them precious and unique. Choose from a variety of models in diamondsnatural stones like tourmalines, black onyx, London blue Topaz, aquamarine and more. All in 18kt gold and handcrafted in Italy in our atelier in Vicenza.

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