chanel gold necklaces


    Necklaces and pendants have accompanied man since the earliest times. Primitive people created necklaces as early as the Paleolithic and since then this jewel has never ceased to be worn by the mankind.

    In this collection you’ll find a particular kind of necklace: the chanel model, named after the iconic stylist Coco Chanel who once said: “It’s the theatrical aspect of this jewelry that fascinates me.”

    Discover Nanis’ interpretations of this jewel, from the more minimal ones till our assortment of station necklaces with 18kt gold or natural stones beads; from our timeless IVY till our SOFFIO, which can be both interpreted in a chanel but also in a choker or Y (lariat) versions.

    Explore these contemporary must-havesall handmade in Italy in our Vicenza atelier.

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