The guide (for him) to the perfect gift (for her)

There's that time of year when you look out the window, see a flickering light and don't know if it's the fireworks of the last summer beach party, or the first Christmas lights in the mall. It seems there is less and less to celebrate, fewer and fewer saints to believe in, and fewer and fewer people willing to believe in them, but the funniest of the Ten Commandments, in a revamped version, we still follow it.


Certainly, having parties, holidays, skiing, dinners and drinks with family and friends is not such a bad commandment. Just as certain is that the first to be evoked by those Christmas lights is commandment 2.0: remember that if you take a last-minute gift she will know. She may or may not tell you, but she will know. And it won't wash on Valentine's Day: too easy, it feels like it was put there on purpose a month and a half later, so no!

Nor at Easter: there you can buy all the eggs you want for present and future children and grandchildren, but she will certainly not thank you for trying to smother your shortcomings in chocolate (which she will appreciate, but without telling you).

Birthday? Anniversary? Sorry, those are other gifts for other reasons.

The one under the tree is the one under the tree.

So this year, let's try to stay focused. Take advantage of those blessed Christmas lights put up when it's still flip-flop time, don't take it easy, prepare the ground, study. You can do well this year. In fact, it must be done well!

"Can you bring home a great result on the cheap?"

What? Then aren't you tired? Wasn't last year enough for you?


What do the phrases 'it's the thought that counts' and 'Carthago delenda est' have in common?

They are the two phrases that, uttered individually, have caused the most deaths in history. And for the first one, it is not even necessary to be Mark Cato before the Roman senate, before the outbreak of the Punic Wars. It is enough to be a clueless husband or boyfriend between 15 December and 15 January each year. It is enough not to understand the mathematical concept of a necessary but not sufficient condition: yes of course, the thought is necessary, but it's not absolutely sufficient. Especially if the year before, the yellow card was shown, as we say in Italy.

And yellow calls yellow. And yellow is the main color for jewelry. There is not much to do or say.

After all, when was the last time you gave her a jewel? Since when does she hint at gold necklaces, rings with precious stones and high jewelry? No, not that gold bracelet you got for your anniversary. Of course it represents your union. As did the wedding ring. But those are things to be given as gifts and you didn't choose them, the world did. This Christmas you could show that between presents for everyone, Christmas lunch, bottles to book for New Year's Eve dinner, you have taken the time to think of her and let her know that you know who the woman you have by your side is: jewel comes from gaudiellium which means (think about it) joy. Who would have thought?

So give her joy this year with a gaudiellium, fine jewelry we speak of, in which she can recognise herself. Make her understand that her man has sought her out among the forms of designs and workmanship that the Nanis designer has created together with the lights of the stones, to describe a personality, a complexity, a small but for you immense element of a character. This is the task of every Italian craftsman.

Because art, as Jeff Koons said, is in the beholder.


Is Christmas important for her? Is it a holiday to spend with friends and family, but also a time to relax and enjoy a bit of mundanity? The ring is the reassuring and celebratory jewel par excellence, made of diamonds for a woman who loves the classic, or of natural stones such as onyx, aquamarine, London blue topaz (just to mention a few) if she is more dynamically modern. 

Look at the criss cross ring from Nanis' Elite collection (AS8-583). Two rings intertwined to form one. You have already understood what you are communicating with this jewel to a woman who sees in the ring security, love and protection, we don't need to explain it to you, do we?

For more contemporary rings and for a touch of festive cheer, think of a Reverse model, perhaps with a ruby or labradorite recalling the Christmas colors (AS13-584, AS11-584), or try looking among the proposals in the birthstone collection for one that matches the colors she chooses to wear.

That way you'll never go wrong.


The gift to put under the tree is not just any gift. This is a time to honor the strongest bonds and this gift is also a message. Are you thinking of giving her a necklace? The necklace was for the ancients a symbol of belonging, defining ties, ideologies, and status. The very name 'necklace' derives from the anatomical part of the neck for which it is intended: the neck is that part of the body that recalls sensitivity, delicacy and sensuality.

The necklace that will never be a mistake on a woman?

Undoubtedly our Ivy model: there is no woman in America who would not gasp with joy on receiving this jewel of high manufacture, which astonishes by being eclectic and classic, allowing every woman to play with its variations, without weighing down on her neck but looking like a cloud between her fingers (CS32-538).

If, on the other hand, she might be into something lighter, then Soffio (CS10-583) is for sure the necklace that will make her really happy (and you too).


Do you remember when was the last time you went to the hairdresser? No?

Well, we know what this carelessness means: if she is someone who cares about such things, then this is more of an own goal than a yellow card.

To make up for it, look at her hair, the way it encircles her face and the color she has chosen: among the Nanis proposals you can find the right earrings and you will have the chance not only to appreciate the way she takes care of her beauty, but also to add a personal brushstroke of color and brilliance. We could (almost) say that you have (more or less) had your say on the subject. As long as the brush stroke is given in the right way: "the Cherry", la Ciliegina, is the great classic among Nanis customers, probably because of the way it captures simplicity and personality at the same time (OS16-583).

If, on the other hand, she is independent and lively, Nanis Libera collection is where you can find the perfect gift for a more contemporary and modern woman (OS1-602 + 2 PI2-602).


If yours is a woman who cares about messages and symbols you might consider one of the Nanis bracelets (BS14-538). 

The symbolic meaning par excellence that you want to attribute to the bracelet is that of a gift that expresses a deep bond with the person receiving it. Together with the ring, it represents union and the kind of relationship that unites two people. Everything that is spherical symbolizes an endless cycle, a way therefore to keep the other person united with us. A lighter gift where lightness is expressed through the workmanship of Nanis Italian master craftsmen and is synonymous with elegance and refinement. Check here our bracelets!


As you can see, the colors and shapes to choose from without making mistakes are there and so is the time.

You may not be Michelangelo, but you don't have to paint the Sistine Chapel: designer Laura Bicego and her master goldsmiths have already done the job with skill and perfection.

You must let her know that you have thought of her: Nanis will do the rest, you know her better than anyone, but get help from someone who has made a profession out of describing what women feel, through shapes, colors, lights and thicknesses.

Let your special one find her own portrait under the tree.