A sensorial journey through the jewels that will take your most instinctive self out

What is the jewel that makes you feel at your best? Do you have that piece in your collection that makes you feel sensual and free, while feeling extremely comfortable and at ease with yourself?

We really hope you do! Because when you wear this kind of jewel, your light changes. You feel like finally resonating with your own self, bringing back or strengthening that parts of you that are less visible (but probably your favorite ones…). You all of a sudden enter another dimension, where freedom and sensuality  are there to guide you…

Have you’ve ever experienced that feeling? If not, don’t worry: we’re here to take you through an exciting, meditative journey among the jewels capable to take out the freest, most sensual version of you.

Ready to start? Then close your eyes and  prepare you to “experience” jewelry as you’ve never done before.


Touch your jewels with your eyes closed: which ones give you the most pleasing feelings? Jewels lay on your skin and therefore should be extremely light and comfortable. Which is why we are in love with a special hand engraving technique made with an ancient tool called “burin”, a sort of little knife that craftsmen have been using for ages to create light cuts on the surface of our jewels, making them as soft as silk. Thanks to it, 18kt gold boules turn into gentle caresses on your skin, in the shape of a delicate but uncommon ring embracing your finger, or a drop gold and diamonds earrings giving your face a new glow. It can be anything, but to make you feel good and sensual your jewelry has first of all to cuddle you.


Keep your eyes closed. Once again touch your jewels and pay attention to which ones are lighter. Which ones you would even forget to have on. To feel at your best, you should never perceive the weight of your jewelry. It should just be part of you, like a second skin. An old style of “heavy” jewelry gives therefore way to a new, light one, made possible by the fascinating fusion between craftsman knowledge and contemporary technology. Gold boules, perfectly rounded and shiny, hide an empty inside, becoming in this way so light that even a long string of pearls like our IVY necklace can be worn without even feeling it.


Your eyes are still closed. Once again, hold your jewels in your hands and explore their possibilities. Can they follow you? Can you envision them in the freer and most beautiful images of yourself? Can they adapt to you? Can they change themselves for you and not the other way around? Being free to express ourselves mean not having boundaries, so make sure to choose versatile jewels, pieces capable of changing their shape, because days are not all alike, and so aren’t you. The same string of pearls should be able to turn from a chocker to a hippie gold and diamonds crown, plus everything there is in between. Play with your jewels, till you feel that they’ve became part of you.


Open your eyes. Now that you’ve fully experienced your jewelry, you’re ready to really see how beautiful it looks in you. But don’t stop exploring. Connect with it, interpret it in the most uncommon and transgressive ways, without any rule. You’re the one that choose the context, nobody else. All you have to do is enjoying your jewels to the fullest.

You’ll know when you’ll have finally found YOUR jewel.
Because it will speak YOUR language.
Everyone has yours, and if you haven’t  found it yet, go for it: the freest version of yourself is out there waiting for you.