The new "Terre Lontane" collection

Colorful, seducing and gypsy: we introduce you the new Nanis TERRE LONTANE collection. Precious talismans, in which the charm of enchanting natural stones meets that of mysterious and surprising lands.

Unusual and mysterious places, little-traveled destinations, are waiting for you: are you ready? Only your instinct, your curiosity ... and Nanis TERRE LONTANE collection will guide you. Precious talismans, made of aquamarinegreen and orange aventurine and moonstone, and inspired by surprising places, borderlands, where the absolute majesty of Nature meets man's desire for discovery and adventure.

After all, what is a jewel, if not a trip? What else can take us so far? This new collection was born from this idea, which has always been dear to the brand and aims to accompany us beyond the perimeter of the known, on a journey of discovery and beauty.



The orange aventurine takes us in the magical Petra: the miracle of an indelible picture imprinted in the sand, a place where Nature seems to have whispered to man how to paint eternity and where time had nothing against the resilience of beauty.


The green aventurine takes us to the heart, or rather the lungs of our planet: the immense Amazon, inviting us to listen to the breath of the Earth.



The moonstone jewels were born from the fascination for the New Mexico desert, a cascade of white sands that leaves breathless for its uniqueness.


And finally the Azure jewels lead us to discover an enchanted landscape: that of the wonderful Camargue Salt Pans, where the blue of the sky merges with the pink of these incredible waters, inhabited by sparkling flamingos.


Laura Bicego, the eclectic designer Nanis, as always impressed on these jewels creativity, contemporary taste and extreme versatility. The pendants of the collection, made of 18kt gold, diamonds and natural stones and available in three sizes, are in fact accompanied by colored silk laces that allow to use them as necklaces or bracelets.

For a more classic touch, however, they can be used together with delicate gold chains decorated with a boule made with one of the natural stones of the collection.

Among the collection you will also find the iconic Nanis Ciliegine, designed in a colorful and casual way, available also individually, to build your own very personal look.

The collection is completed with the unmissable rings, available in different sizes and unique colors.

Let yourself be seduced by these jewels and their secret and universal language: they will take you straight into your traveling soul.