All that glitter is not gold!

You could say that this proverbial saying is right on two counts. On one hand, there are thousands of glittering materials. On the other, only gold reflects light in so many ways with infinite variations in light and tone. Hand engraved, using a special tool, our gold jewels glitter due to the sparkling of the diamond-tool cuts, the polishing of varied intensity, and the soft textural effects created by hand. We’ve always prided ourselves on our craftsmanship. We’ve had the good fortune of fascinating encounters with artisans able to maintain the skill in their fingers, repeating centuries-old techniques and reviving the oldest traditions of Vicenza jewelry making.

We’ve transformed these encounters with uniquely-skilled master goldsmiths into paths of experimentation and growth for all our workers, so that they can reproduce these creative techniques while maintaining a strong individual character. It is one example of our fine workmanship.  A profound inspiration brings together an overall vision. A vision where sensitivity to touch and to controlling the minute strokes with infinite repetition yields a consistent yet unique texture and finish.The “texture” of the fine scores through which the engraver transforms the surface of the gold in our jewelry is a craft that requires an understanding of surfaces, an assessment of forms, a change in the direction of strokes and the pressure applied to the engraver. This precise craftsmanship finishes our jewelry with a silken surface, rich with precious imperfections.The gold in our jewelry glitters differently.

All NANIS jewelry pieces are unique.