The whirr of air conditioners in stuffy offices, wind from cabriolets zooming up hilly streets and along scorching straights. Blinding light, bare and tanned arms seeking fresh breezes, billowing out like sails. Hands that shake golden bangles worn in clusters, interweaved in multiple spirals. Bangles that adorn the wrists like precious cuffs of invisible sleeves. Glasses filled to the brim with bright colors, beaded with icy dreams. Raindrops under the sun.
The NANIS REVERSE – DANCING IN THE RAIN slender rigid bangles signal this very colorful Summer 2019.
They emphasize greetings from car windows, cries of promises and of exciting evening liaisons, hands almost like those of little girls, caresses, fingers that speak…

NANIS REVERSE contrasting bangles of full colored stones, London Blue Topaz, Blue Diamond, Green Sapphire, Swiss Blue Topaz… Bangles like thin golden rigid barrels on which they rotate, show off and conceal large stones and colorful pavé. Hands that act as visors and frame the eyes with bangles of colored light. Gestures that mark a summer in unique style. NANIS REVERSE bangles, one rotation and everything changes.