We will soon be in Baku!

The magnificent capital of Azerbaijan which overlooks the Caspian Sea is now one of the most important centers of economic, commercial and socio-cultural exchange which unites the East and West under the shadow of its ancient and extremely new architectures. With its vastly expanding market and effervescent creative mix, it has attracted us, identifying within it the ideal stage on which to offer our creations that are so rich in eclectic inspirations.

This is why we accepted the very welcome invitation from ITALDIZAIN, our commercial partner in Azerbaijan, and, in late October, we will display our most important collections in the elegant setting of the Elluxus Boutique in May Street in the historic center of Baku, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful seafront.We will begin in the late morning of Friday 26th, meeting the press, and will continue into the afternoon and throughout the following day with appointments at which we will demonstrate to each client the details of our latest collections.

We will focus on the latest versions of “Dancing in the rain” the macro-collection recognizable for its hand-engraved gold boules sometimes encrusted with precious stones and diamonds. In particular, we will play at wearing in many different ways the multi-form expressions of “Reverse” and “Ivy” and we will revel in the splendid constructions of our “Amarcord” jewels with complex designs, a true expression of Italian contemporary luxury.
See you very soon!
In Baku!