A new bright parnership!

One of the leading and most important NANIS exhibition spaces in Holland has long been in Maastricht at the historic heart of Europe. During the first weekend in July, Laura wanted to be present at the handover from the historical management of Jos Naebers, with whom we began exhibiting in the Netherlands, to the opening of the new NANIS space at the new Ronald Loonstra jeweller’s. Laura enthusiastically welcomed the passion with which Ronald has given new vigour to the commercial activity that represents us on the banks of the Meuse and wanted personally to oversee the setting up of the six prestigious display windows that overlook Holland’s most ancient historic centre.

All the most significant collections of NANIS’s creativity have found an exceptional stage on which to display the elegant perfection of Italian handmade jewellery. The prominence offered by Ronald Loonstra’s beautiful jeweller’s showed off all the splendour of the hand-engraved golden surfaces of “Dancing in the rain” and the magical plays of “Trasformisti” and “Reverse” among the silky surfaces engraved by the burin, the drops of light of the diamonds and the phantasmagoria of the colours of the many splendid natural stones. It was a brilliant initiation party. Laura, with the luminous charge of enthusiasm that characterises her, was the exceptional promoter of this new partnership which will certainly see rewarded the resourcefulness, determination and creative spirit of this symbolic embrace at the centre of Europe.