From last November eighth to tenth, Laura Bicego presented her creations at the magnificent Grace Renee Gallery in East Ho Hum Road in Carefree, not far from Phoenix, Arizona.
Laura is proudly represented by Grace Renee Gallery where she displays her jewels along with many other important artists who use more traditional expressive means for their works, such as painting and sculpture.
As a creator of fully-fledged wearable sculptures, Laura met her audience and told of the many influences from which she draws new life blood for her creative works, and above all she showed to her attentive audience the thousands of ways in which the NANIS creations, of which she is the creator, can be worn.
Handmade jewelry that aims to satisfy female desires of wearing such versatile, soft, voluptuous and at the same time playful jewels.

An enthusiastic – wow! – emphasized on several occasions the real touches of magic with which Laura was able to allow the audience to touch the incredible – Trasformisti – in their mutations, the games of – Reverse – and the silkiness of the sensual surfaces of all the – Dancing in the rain –.
Jewels truly designed by a woman for women. Laura creates thru her joy as a versatile artist and is happy to transmit her own creative charge to the entire female universe.
A vital creative spirit has flowed almost palpably in the days spent by Laura at Carefree in Arizona with the audience at the Grace Renee Gallery.