Born from a desire for freshness and characterized by an exquisitely contemporary taste, Dancing in the Rain Azure collection by Nanis has seen a continuous evolution over the years, dictated by the love of designer Laura, the company's creative soul, for aquamarine and for London Blue Topaz and from her irrepressible desire to reinterpret them. "I knew that a project with a unique identity and multiple creative possibilities would have born from the dialogue between these marvelous stones and gold" said the designer.

"Along with many iconic collections, such as Trasformista or Reverse, what I wanted was to create something new, delicate, fresh and contemporary and I instinctively thought of aquamarine. I grew up immersed in the magic of precious stones and gold, and I am convinced that every stone has its own soul and personality. The designer has to understand it, expressing it to the fullest, putting it in value without distorting it, finding the best artistic expression of each material in order to arrive at something that excites".

For the project Dancing in the Rain Azure Laura has chosen a particular, organic aquamarine, characterized by a soft and delicate colour and inner veins that some consider imperfections, while for her it is the exact opposite: these details are the ones that make each stone unique. "I think the same thing with people," continues Laura, "aren’t after all their peculiarities that make them unique and that distinguish them from all others?"


From the first approach with this stone, "fluid" and soft "pieces of sky and sea" are born, in which aquamarine pearls are combined with gold boules, finely hand-engraved, in a delicate and marine play of colors. Versatility was then the element that made this collection even more interesting: think to Azure necklace, which can be interpreted according to the occasion, playing with its lengths and volumes.

“It was natural for me to continue working on this collection, once again combining it with gold and diamonds, but this time by revisiting and rewriting more classical shapes. I wanted a refined and classy collection, a luxurious contamination, metropolitan poems of light and tenderness. More minimalist and linear jewels, but with great character: elegant pendants, refined bracelets, rings to be combined together for an extraordinarily contemporary touch. "

A collection to be discovered ... and that certainly isn't over here!