Like water smoothing the cliff face

All our jewels are hand-finished. Smoothing, engraving, polishing and all other types of finishes are performed patiently by our craftspeople’s hands. Every process brings with it different challenges. Differences due to the shape of the jewels. Difficulties increased by the presence of edges, moulding, soft spirals or perfectly level surfaces, by inaccessible crevices and by particularly delicate elements.

This is where it sometimes becomes impossible to brush polish, as commonly occurs, pieces with hidden and apparently unreachable corners. Therefore, we turned to the centuries-old tradition of the trade, recovering the ancient method of thread polishing. A simple and effective method of polishing otherwise inaccessible concavities. An elementary process that consists of repeatedly sliding a cotton thread forwards and backwards in the cavity to be polished, applying slight pressure until achieving the desired result. A slow and precise process, the repetition of a simple gesture like a drop of water smoothing the cliff face.