The sun that illuminates us every morning rising in the East has attracted us since the times of Marco Polo, making us dream of unknown lands, immense treasures and extraordinary cultures.
Now the East is close, our cultures continue to mix together, as has occurred for thousands of years, and now Piero Marangon, NANIS CEO, is increasing the opportunities to secure new international relations, focusing on expanding the Eastern markets.
In short, we have gone to China and we have already made great progress.
Our distributor launched, with a 3 day event, the opening of a new location – OJ boutique (SBM). In China from September 8 to 10, Piero took the opportunity to visit the inauguration event, extending his greeting to the opening of a new sales outlet (One Jewelry Store – Mix City – Shanghai Puxi).

The sun continues to shine in the East also in Japan, a long-established market for NANIS. Piero participated from October 22 to 29 at the major event that has just ended and lasted a whole month, organized by Uchihara Group in Tokyo.

While the East is moving increasingly closer, Venice has always been very close to the East. It is now even closer after the opening of the first and most important DFS department store in Europe at Fondaco dei Tedeschi – the destination chosen by travelers from across the world for luxury shopping.
Splendid and exclusive environments, where NANIS, alongside the most famous brands, during Golden Week in early October, welcomed endless crowds of Eastern tourists, also attracted by the fame that Hong Kong-based intercontinental luxury chain enjoys throughout East Asia.