Fashion for the fingers, adorned by rings in a thousand styles, was not invented by us yesterday. Like all trends, it appears and disappears like a karstic stream, sometimes with sudden force, occasionally with a softer flow of images, later dividing into many playful interpretations where anything goes…
Then, once again, like a stream spraying happiness, many rings fill our fingers.
NANIS’s “Dancing in the rain” multi-band rings caress the fingers like light dew, golden drops and diamond sparkles or transform into cascades of sparkling water, filling the hands with light in many different golden reflections and white flashes.

All “Dancing in the rain” multi-band rings, with one, two or three bands, are handmade, designing unique golden drops, all hand-engraved, joined together by small lines of diamonds. The play of their infinite combinations allows for the creation of unique compositions, suitable for very different outfits or situations.

Rings in a single sequence of small elongated balls interspersed by the light of a diamond can be added to others with almost round-shaped golden drops which punctuate luminous rivière … others still dance like the rain and fleck the fingers with precious reflections.