nanis new diamonds and gold

Starting with the glistening stage of VicenzaOro and over numerous events in recent months, we have presented “Dancing in The Rain” in its colorful new look illuminated by several new diamonds.
Many contrarié bangles with opposing hand-engraved gold boules and colorful natural stones… aquamarine, quartz, moonstone… Gold boules embellished by small connections outlined by diamonds enhance the collection, making it increasingly sparkly.

nanis bangles gold diamonds natural stones

But what makes the new “Dancing in The Rain” truly irresistible is the chance to wear the many different slave bracelets in multi-layer combinations, like colorful shiny cascades.
A precious play of diamantine lights, colors and gold reflections. A movement of the wrist and a cheerful wave of the hand become poetry, rhythm, gypsy dancing.
The perfect Christmas gift to brighten up the winter and fill the spring with joy.