Laura has impressed on a brand that light and colourful euphoria able to transform forms of tradition into fresh plays of light and into sudden changes that give back old worldly charm to the contemporary.
We give to Luxury the dynamism of creativity, invention, surprise.


REVERSE offers sumptuous variations of Dancing with jewels having sought-after details, rich manual decorations, shiny gold surfaces alternated with deep burin engravings giving silk effects. 
To all this preciousness we have applied one of the ideas that have always brightened up and rendered interesting and playful the most cultured design, fashion and craftsmanship, giving vivacity to Luxury: the transformation that reveals its double.


The elastic and precise click doubles the splendour, demonstrating the face that was hidden a little earlier. 
The perfect construction of a little sleight of hand.

A slight pressure and the ring reveals its double. Tone on tone jewellery sets alternate the nuances of irregular pavé with the broad precious reflections of more important stones. Magical jewels alternate unexpected reflections of complementary colours. 
Precious transformations participate in the timeless game of surprising.

Thread Polishing

For this collection we turned to the centuries-old tradition of the trade, recovering the ancient method of thread polishing. A simple and effective method of polishing otherwise inaccessible concavities. An elementary process that consists of repeatedly sliding a cotton thread forwards and backwards in the cavity to be polished, applying slight pressure until achieving the desired result. A slow and precise process, the repetition of a simple gesture like a drop of water smoothing the cliff face.