NANIS shooting!

Villa Valmarana ai Nani was the stunning backdrop to the shoot in which the true stars were the latest NANIS creations. 
The whole crew is extremely excited as we prepare to shoot the beautiful NANIS jewels in rooms frescoed by the famous father and son artists, Gianbattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, the only time the greatest artists of the Venetian eighteenth-century worked together.

We film Alba, algid interpreter of jewels which brighten her face and warm her heart while she dissolves into winking smiles alternating with fulminating glances, the flashes cut through the shadows that outline the centuries-old rooms in which the Valmarana family was interweaved with Italian culture and history. Laura, enraptured, follows the slow movement of the shoot, already pursuing the concept of new collections.

We shoot new images in which the timeless design of NANIS jewels is reflected in large eighteenth-century mirrors. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings play on Alba’s diaphanous skin and become one with the decorations and incarnations of the myths painted by the great Maestros almost three centuries earlier.

In the garden there is the same magical golden light of the Tiepolo frescoes. Sven, the photographer who has interpreted our jewels for years, can hardly believe it; he is used to shooting the endless beaches of the North Sea. We shoot everywhere, shoot and let the video recorder glide from the porch to the terrace, the small theatre, and over the geometries of the Italian garden. 
This is our land, our history. We are part of this wonderful landscape. All of our creations are born from the creative vein that, for centuries, has run through us all in this land kissed by fortune. Every NANIS collection is inspired by the infinite wonders designed and constructed over the centuries by our architects; every precious reflection is nourished by the brush strokes of our artists.
We are delighted to pass on to you so much beauty.