Exclaimed the members of the jury at the INHORGENTA AWARD 2018 when the saw our Trasformista bracelet unravel, in a flash becoming a beautiful necklace.
We all shouted from the NANIS team, exhilarated and excited when we found out we were the winners of the first award of the FINE JEWELRY of THE YEAR category.
Laura, who saw her inexhaustible creativity rewarded, radiated with satisfaction and joy when she got up to collect the “gold diamond”, the very original sculpture of these prestigious awards.
Joy and satisfaction that was common to us all at NANIS.

The winning jewel is the expression of all Laura’s imagination and the masterful work of the goldsmiths who at NANIS give life to jewels with inexhaustible surprises.
A splendid gold and diamond bracelet which multiplies, transforming, with just a few movements, into a beautiful necklace.

This jewel, with many souls, is an icon of the ever-changing versatility of Laura Bicego’s creative inspiration. It expresses all her sensitivity as a woman and a designer, able to fully interpret the joyous expression of contemporary femininity.