NANIS et la Belle Vie

A mini-vacation under the gentle sun of Chapeau Château Fair

Thanks to Cellini Jeweler – a NANIS partner in Holland – we spent a lovely Sunday, June 24 at the Chapeau Château Fair in the amazing setting of the St. Gerlach Castle in Valkenburg to experience together with our Euregional partners a magical lifestyle experience.
Rozan Langenhorst of Cellini Jeweler is literally in love with our jewels – the enchanting handmade creations designed by  Laura Bicego – which he never stops emphasizing, not missing an opportunity to bring them to the fore as much as possible.
In the estate of Château St. Gerlach Cellini exhibited the most beautiful Nanis collections in six wonderful display cases enhanced by the magical atmosphere of this unusual fair and by the vibrant light of the Limburg countryside just to the east of Maastricht.

Jewels with bright colors such as REVERSE, hypnotic in their velvety nuances of amethysts, sapphires and colored diamonds, played hide-and-seek between the patches of sky and meadows, among the elegant white gazebos of the exhibition, in a succession of soft lights and blinding reflections of all the DANCING IN THE RAIN jewels.
Hand-engraved golden wonders in their silky surfaces and shiny sparkles of diamond rivière.

We are drunk on beauty, 
Thanks Rozan, à bientôt!