There is a subtle common thread, a strong and impalpable attraction between us Italians and Holland, the Netherlands… Perhaps it is because we are linked by tough histories, of a forgotten immigration, perhaps it is the closeness to Venice, our own little Amsterdam… It could be because we have fallen in love with Van Gogh about whom, as it happens, we have just opened in Vicenza the most important exhibition ever staged in Italy. Perhaps it is the blond charm and handsomeness of the North Sea children …
Whatever it is, for us, it is always wonderful to return to the fairytale land of windmills, coffee shops, beautiful Dutch girls and wooden clogs.

A Also and not only for this, in November, Laura will travel far and wide in the land of the tulips, taking her typically Italian creative verve to events that Dutch jewellers, our dealers, have organized to spread the word about our latest collections and make them stand out.
It will be as it is every time, a wonderful meeting of different, but close, cultures. 
Laura cannot wait to make the magic of her collections shine, to tell of fun inventions, created through fleeting inspiration, to demonstrate the extraordinary wearability of NANIS jewellery, the precious manual finishes, the details of Italian contemporary luxury of which NANIS is the standard bearer. 

Quite a sight!

In November, in the major Dutch jewellers.