Laura Bicego

NANIS Designer

Born into a family of jewelers in the countryside of Vicenza-Italy, Laura has been breathing jewelry since the day she was born. Her whole life has been permeated by this presence enabling her to experience the joy of creating beautiful things since childhood. Laura’s knowledge does not come from a formal educational institution but directly from the atelier experience, first at her father’s factory and then developing her own collection and brand.

The history of NANIS…

infact NANIS began in 1990, when it was established by Laura and her husband Piero Marangon. From the initial idea to the finished jewel, skillful creativeness brings together knowledge and experience which is then transmuted into an incredible manual ability to realize each individual task involved in the creation process..

A work of hands…

Laura is an unusual designer: she does not create with the pencil but with her hands. Directly from the NANIS laboratory in Italy, she has promoted local heritage since the start, and home-grown our precious artisans. Italian has always been synonymous with “well-made”.

Laura’s designs recount a renewed and contemporary jewel, demonstrating the characteristics of the Italian tradition – the foundation of the NANIS reputation and renown.

Laura loves to work with the gold: it’s a wonderful warming material, a comfort that glows and wraps up a woman soul… 18kt gold is the perfect material a designer needs, to produce beautifully designed pieces with extreme attention to detail but also with unexpected combinations inspired by nature and fashion. .

Both as a creator and as a woman, she can interpret and give shape to all shades of feminine soul