Love is like ivy

NANIS has called the most enveloping necklace of its Dancing collection “Ivy” as it wraps itself around you like the climbing plant. Each of its golden boules caresses the skin with the softness of a rustle of wind between the leaves. Ivy wraps itself around the neck in tight caressing spirals only then to dissolve into the chest like a golden spring that stretches as far as the imagination can run. Ivy fills with sense the broad neckline that is lost from the nape of the neck between the shoulders. Ivy is love, as the old Italian song says – …I am still here between your arms (my love) wrapped around like ivy… –
Wear Ivy like a golden hug sealed with a kiss of diamonds. Intriguing voluptuousness, softness, unique caress to be as beautiful as you can.

NANIS dancing ivy jewels
necklace gold
nanis dancing