Cerise Blanche

Jewels stolen from fairy tales, cinema and poets.


Red as blood and white as snow…Since well before Snow White, white and red have adorned everything based around ancestral meanings. From the Wars of the Roses to Stanley Kubrick’s cinematography, famous for its bright reds, often placed against the backdrop of blinding whites. The blood and snow in “The Shining”, the blood and the red and white furnishings of “A Clockwork Orange”, the white and aseptic environments coloured neon red of the spaceship in “2001 A Space Odyssey”. White and red, symbols of purity and passion, of violence and peace, of religiousness, sensuality, speed, not by chance found in the backgrounds of almost all the world’s flags. Warm and cold colours that blend all emotions in a pleasant sensation of light and celebration. Christmas and New Year dazzle with white and red lights. Rubies and diamonds crown kings, princesses, maidens with raven hair and white and red skin who, in the fairy tales, recklessly eat sweet and poisoned apples, half white and half red. Oxymoronic magic fruits that change to the heat of their skin or to the whims of heroines of literature. Women told by poets, haughty and passionate, algid and capable of commanding armies.

Women who would gladly wear our “Cerise Blanche”, the Reverse jewels stolen from fairy tales, princesses, cinema lights and poets. The new collection of REVERSE jewels “Cerise Blanche” by NANIS is made from 18 kt hand-engraved yellow gold with rubies, white opals and diamonds.

“Cerise Blanche”…the most unusual and tasty cherries are the temptation that cannot be resisted. Like all REVERSE collections, “Cerise Blanche” also seduces in an infinite play of sudden transformations, unusual and always different combinations.